Substance Abuse Council Meeting, November 7, 1:30 pm

Substance Abuse Council Agenda

November 7, 2022, 1:30 p.m.

Evansville Central Library, Browning Room B

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  1. Call to Order


  1. Welcome and Introductions


  1. Approval of September 12, 2022 Minutes. (please check the attendance list for corrections)


  1. Treasurer’s Report


  1. Committee Reports
  2. Prevention
  3. Law Enforcement
  4. Treatment


  1. Director’s Report


  1. Old Business/Projects
  2. Fall Festival
  3. Faces of Change


  1. New Business:
  2.  Review of Comprehensive Community Plan for 2023, goals and data


  1. Presentations:
  2. Vanderburgh Circuit Court Probation
  3. Patchwork Central
  4. Girl Scouts


  1. Agency Announcements: In addition to agency announcements being made here, please email flyers to Dan that can be forwarded early tomorrow.


  1. Adjournment

NEXT MEETING: Monday, December 5, 1:30 pm, at the Evansville Central Library, Browning Room B

The SAC Executive Committee: November 21, at noon, 501 John Street Conference Room

Screening Committee, December 2, 501 John Street Conference Room

Treatment Committee: Monday, December 5, 1:00 pm, Central Library

Prevention Committee: Monday, December 5, 2:30 pm, Central Library

LE/CJ Committee:  TBA





12 September 2022

Members present: Joe Branson – DMHA; Courtney Horning – Smoke Free; Mary Fee – Girl Scouts; Matt Knight – EPD; Ginny France – Anthem; Stacey Kuder – Deaconess; Melissa Garcia – Deaconess; Jill Hoskins – Brentwood; Daren Harmon – VCPO; Michelle Cox – CareSource; Avril Miller – Boom Squad; Matt Corn – VCSO; Jane Vicker – Patchwork Central; Crystal Sisson — Holly’s House; Hannah Duckworth – Counseling for Change; William Wells – DADS; Bri Bolin – Transgender Alliance; Kevin Groves – Southwestern; Jackie Hughes – Beacon Recovery; Christina Wicks; Kim Ashby – Boom Squad; Cuahutemoc Fernandez – USI; Tasha Brown – Volunteers of America; Leslie Jackson – Misdemeanor Probation; James Akin – Community Corrections; Joanne Delisle – Groups Recover; Beth Greenwell – Circuit Probation; Dee Lewis – YWCA; Heather Woods – Juvenile Court Probation; Dan Miller – Director

Guests:  Michelle Krack – Peace Zone

James Akin, Treasurer, called the meeting to order at 1:35 pm. The meeting was held in Browning Room B at Central Library and via Microsoft Teams.

The meeting started with introductions.

Minutes of the August 1, 2022, meeting had been emailed in advance of the meeting.  James Akin moved to approve the minutes as written.  Kim Ashby seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  James Akin presented the Treasurer’s report, which is attached.  Tim Otte, accountant then presented the draft financial review of the 2021 fiscal year; he also prepared the Council’s Form 990.  Dee Lewis moved that council approve the Financial Review Report of Mr. Otte, and the Form 990 for submission to the IRS.  James Akin seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Prevention Committee.  Laura Wathen, Chairman, was absent from this meeting;  the committee has not met.

Law Enforcement Committee.  Daren Harmon reported in the month of August, 260 felony drug complaints were filed.  Methamphetamine comprises the highest percentage of cases, followed by marijuana.  He noted that law enforcement is seeing large quantities of a pound or more.  His report is attached to the minutes.

Treatment Committee:  Chairman Jackie Hughes reported that treatment committee had not met since the last meeting.  Faces of Change is still on track to take place on November 9.  Dan would like Jackie and Event Committee chairman Crystal Sisson to set a date for a committee meeting sometime after Fall Festival and before the November Council meeting..

Director’s Report:  Dan Miller reported on the director’s activities since the last meeting.  His written report is attached to these minutes.

Previous Business:

  1. Race for Recovery: The Race was very successful, with more sponsors, more funding and more registrations than last year.  Dan expressed his thanks to all the individuals who helped make the race a success.
  2. Fall Festival: The booth has new tires and has had some maintenance.  Dan is rust proofing and painting the wheel rims.  He has ordered a new outside counter.  Food and supplies have been ordered.  He is still working on prices.

New Business:

  1. Recovery Month Activity: Anthem is sponsoring the screening of The Addict’s Wake on September 20 at the Victory Theater.  The Substance Abuse Council has  been publicizing it on social media and will have a table at the event.


  1. PEACE Zone: Michelle Krack gave a presentation on the PEACE Zone, a DMHA approved regional recovery hub.  She gave a history of her own mental health issued and then outlined the peer supports that are available for persons mental health or substance use disorder recovery at PEACE Zone.   The PEACE Zone is open Monday from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm., Tuesday, Noon to 4:00 pm, and Wednesday and Thursday, 9:00 am until 4:00 pm.
  2. Circuit Court Probation: At their request, their presentation was postponed until the November meeting.
  3. Boom Squad: Avril Miller presented on the Boom Squad grant.  They are “more than a drum line.”  The grant is used during “academic time” and helps employ a social work to present “To Good for Drugs and Violence” to middle school and high school students.  Preventive education and character building are part of the program.  A synopsis is attached to the minutes.



Tasha Brown made the following announcements:  A panel discussion on maternal health will be tomorrow at 7:30 Eastern time, both virtually and in person.  It will feature Dr. Kristina Box, Chief Justice Loretta Rush and others.  Dan will send out a reminder; people can still attend the panel discussion.  Tasha also reported that there were available beds for pregnant women and women with children at Fresh Start.


Courtney Horning moved to adjourn the meeting.  Matt Knight seconded the motion.  President Dee Lewis adjourned the meeting.


Dan made the following meeting announcements:


The next meeting is scheduled Monday, November 7, 2022, at 1:30, at Central Library, Browning Room B.

Screening  Committee will meet Friday, August 19, 2022, at 1:00, Central Library, Browning Room B.

The next Executive Committee Meeting is Monday, August 15, 2022, at 9:00 am, conference room at 501 John Street.

Wally Paynter moved to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by James Akin. The motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Dan Miller



Treasurer’s Report

September 12, 2022

Account                                           Checking                           Taste                                 CD


Beginning Balance 8-1-22            28,344.80                         4900.68                            20,155.73

Ending Balance 9-12-22               26,698.19                         4900.68                            20,155.73


August  Expenditures:


Payroll                                                            2,013.89

Office Supplies(Intuit)                                       25.66

Telephone                                                         211.45

Rent                                                                     235.13

Computer                                                            103.00

Professional Fees (Accounting)                 2,500.00

Fall Festival                                                       435.88

Race for Recovery                                          1,723.60

Subtotal:                                                                                                   7,248.61


July Income:

Race for Recovery                                                                                      5,602.00

Total                                                                                                                                       26,698.19



12 September 2022


  • National Night Out, August 2 (with Jill)
  • Met with Stephanie Hirons re: Run for Recovery
  • County Council Budget Hearing on August 17
  • Smoke Free Evansville, August 9


  • Met with Tim Otte on Financial Review
  • Prepared and submitted claim forms for last of 2022 grants
  • Deposited proceeds and paid bills for Race for Recovery


  • Race for Recovery:  See attached.
  • Fall Festival: With help of Daren Harmon, retrieved trailer from Zeigler Tire with new tires; cleaned counter spaces and floors inside booth.  Moves shelf stable items back into booth.  Commissioned carpenter to build a new outside counter for booth.  Scraped and applied rust proofing the wheel rims; ordered refrigerator, water, and cheesecake bites from booth vendors.  Filed sales tax exemption forms.




No. of shirts remaining 20 (We purchased 165.)

Bags left:  15 (We gave away 135 bags, which means 135 people actually showed up to race or walk.)  (Difference between bags and shirts is 10.  I saved 4 for McKeethen Law, who registered but did not come; I gave 2 away to volunteers who helped me set up and direct runners.  I can’t explain the other 4.)

Total registrations:  157 (Last year it was 132)

Paper pre-registration for 5K:  21

Paper pre-registration for walk:  87

On-line registrations:  39 (29 were for the 5 K)

This morning:  10

Number of persons who actually raced:  47

Total Revenue:  $9,730.00

Champion sponsors:  3

Partner sponsors:  5

Supporter sponsors:  3

Friend Sponsors:  3

In-Kind sponsor:  2

Total sponsor revenue:  $6,550.00

Registrations:  $3,180.00  (106 paid entries)


Total Expense:  3,022.29

Shirts:  1188.60

Rise-Up and Run:  1200.00

Mercy Ambulance:  410.00

Medals:  30

Sponsor Insert:  106.50

Registration Forms  87.19

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