Substance Abuse Council Meeting, Monday, May 2, 2022 at 1:30 pm

Substance Abuse Council Agenda

May 2, 2022, 1:30 p.m.

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Treatment Committee:  12:30 pm.

Substance Abuse Council:  1:30 pm.


  1. Call to Order


  1. Welcome and Introductions


  1. Approval of April 4, 2022 Minutes. (please check the attendance list for corrections)


  1. Treasurer’s Report


  1. Committee Reports
  2. Prevention
  3. Law Enforcement
  4. Treatment
  5. Screening


  1. Director’s Report


  1. Old Business/Projects
  2. 2022 Grant Cycle


  1. New Business:


  1. Presentations:
  2. F.A.I.R./Problem Solving Courts
  3. Southwestern Behavioral Health


  1. Agency Announcements: In addition to agency announcements being made here, please email flyers to Dan that can be forwarded early tomorrow.


  1. Adjournment

NEXT MEETING: Monday, June 6, at 1:30 pm, at the Evansville Central Library, Browning Room B

The SAC Executive Committee: May 16, at noon, 501 John Street Conference Room

Screening Committee:  May 16, following Executive Committee, 501 John Street Conference Room

Prevention Committee:  Monday, June 6 at 2:20, following the Council meeting, Browning Room B




4 April 2022

Members present:  Lesleigh Overfield – Clean Slate; Jill Hoskins – Brentwood; Jackie Hughes – Beacon Recovery; Kelly Manley – Volunteers of America; James Akin – Community Corrections; Heather Woods – Juvenile Court; Tasha Brown – Volunteers of America; Dee Lewis – President; Hannah Duckworth – Counseling for Change; Shawn Brod – Now Counselling; Christy Borg – Holly’s House; Joe Branson – Regional Prevention Consultant; Laura Walker, Southwestern; JoAnne Delisle – Groups Recover; Kathryn Kornblum-Zelle; Parenting Time; Stacey Kuder – Deaconess Cross Pointe; Brendon Shoptaugh; Beth Greenwell – Adult Probation; Molly Fahrlander – Patchwork; Kevin Groves – Southwestern; Wally Paynter – TSA; Bri Bolin – Transgender Action; Julie Robinson – TSA; Jacob Pickerill – Hickory Treatment Centers; Laura Wathen – Youth First; Mike Gray – EPD; William Wells – DADS; Courtney Horning – Smoke Free Evansville; Kelsey Hillenbrand – Girl Scouts; Darin Harmon – VCPO; Matt Corn — VCSO; Dan Miller – Director

Dee Lewis, President, called the meeting to order at 1:31 pm. The meeting was held in person at the Central Library, Browning Room B, and via Microsoft Teams.

The meeting was opened with introductions

Minutes of the March 7, 2022, meeting had been emailed in advance of the meeting.  Laura Wathen moved to approve the minutes as corrected.  Mike Gray seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  James Akin presented the Treasurer’s report, which is attached.  There was no change to the balances of the Taste account or the CD.  The beginning balance in the checking account was $13,921.76.  Expenses were $1,958.39 for payroll, rent, phone/internet and office supplies, leaving an ending balance of 11,963.37.

Committee Reports:

Prevention Committee.  Chairman Laura Wathen reported that she was working on getting someone to present to the committee on the topic of data collection in our prevention projects.

Law Enforcement Committee.  Chairman Daren Harmon reported that he will send Dan the monthly statistics after the meeting.  There were 231 new felony drug arrests in the month of March

Treatment Committee:  Jackie Hughes reported that the committee met prior to this meeting.  Faces of Change is starting to take shape with a list speakers and topics.  The committee is working to find a location so that it can finalize a date.  The committee also working on the Treatment Resource Guide Update and will be sending out a treatment provider questionnaire to solicit information to put in the guide.

Screening Committee:  The committee met on March 21 and April 4, prior to this meeting.  There were 17 grant applicants with 22 pre-application proposals.  21 proposals were accepted and invited to submit an application.  One is still in process.  Grant applications are due into SAC office by midnight April 30.

Director’s Report:  Dan Miller reported on the director’s activities since the last meeting.  His written report is attached to these minutes.

Previous Business:

  1. Invitations to submit a 2022 grant have been sent along with the grant application. Grant applications are due April 30.  Dan held one grant writing workshop webinar on March 31.  Another one is scheduled for April 7 at 4:30 pm.  It has been requested that he hold a workshop during the day; and a daytime workshop will be scheduled.
  2. The 2022 Comprehensive Community Plan has been submitted to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. Dan believes it is a better product than we submitted last year, but he also sees areas where it can be improved.  He thanked everyone who submitted data and gave input into the document.  New legislation requires it to be updated yearly.  So from this point we start updating it again.  Dan has created a folder for data and update, and he plans to update an 2023 draft as he gets new information..

New Business:

  1. There was no new business.


Evansville Police Department:  Mike Gray reported on the Next Level Tech project which provided the drug task force with GPS tracking devices, noise-cancelling headphones to review investigative audio, a drone to provide surveillance during controlled narcotics purchases, digital recorders, and communications adaptors/charges for when the investigation takes officers out of Vanderburgh County.  The narcotics unit is operating at ½ strength in terms of investigators.  Despite that, it has conducted more controlled purchases than in the previous year.  In November, a publicized federal round-up of drug sources from Indianapolis was a result of an investigation started by Evansville and Vanderburgh County law enforcement detectives.  In that round-up, authorities seized 4 lbs. of methamphetamine, over a pound of fentanyl, marijuana, money and weapons.

The types of drugs they are seeing are fentanyl, which is fueling overdoses, deaths and youth substance use.  Fentanyl is being sought by users as a drug of choice, instead of being an additive or cut in heroin.  There is more methamphetamine; police are making more arrests and finding higher quantities of methamphetamine.  It is frequently cut with fentanyl.  Cocaine is resurgent; it is also cut with fentanyl.  Also increasing is traffic in counterfeit pills which resemble closely oxycontin or Xanax pill, but which contain fentanyl.  Person ingesting these pills thinking it is a controlled dose of an otherwise legal drug often overdose on fentanyl and frequently die.

Vanderburgh County Juveniel Court:  Heather Woods reported on the two family treatment court grants: one for incentives and training, and one for the FTC support group.  She echoed Mike Gray’s report insofar as many of the juvenile treatment court clients made the transition from heroin to fentanyl and are now, or presented as, fentanyl seekers.

The Family Treatment Court support group meets weekly.  Participation has been very successful.  It is fairly unique among Indiana juvenile courts and has been recognized as a successful program by the Indiana Office of Court Services.

In its incentives program, as the participant approaches graduation or successful completion of Family Treatment Court, the participant identifies a song that has been particularly meaningful for their recovery.  At graduation, the participant is given a token to remind him/her of that song and encourage continued recovery.  The training portion of the grant has enable treatment court team members to attend the Indiana Drug and Alcohol Institute and Officer of Court Services’ annual problem solving court conference.



Julie Robinson reported that TSA Pride Prom is April 23 and they seeking volunteer to help.


Kelsey Hillenbrand reported that Girl Scouts are developing their summer program calendar.  Girl Scouts have a variety of STEM and environmental-related activities and presentation of an hour and a half or longer to summer youth programs.  Contact Kelsey to find out more and schedule a program

The next meeting is scheduled Monday, May 3, 2022, at 1:30, at Central Library, Browning Room B.

Treatment Committee will meet on May 3, 2022 at 12:30 at Central Library in Browning Room B; Prevention Committee will meet after the conclusion of the May 3 meeting in Browning Room B.

The next Executive Committee Meeting is Monday, April 18, at noon.

Screening Committee will meet Monday, April 18, after the Executive Committee meeting.

Mike Gray moved to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by William Wells.  The motion passed, and President Dee Lewis adjourned the meeting.

Submitted by Dan Miller



Treasurer’s Report

April 4, 2022

Account                                           Checking                           Taste                                 CD


Beginning Balance 2-8-21            13,921.76                         8270.68                            20,155.73

Ending Balance 3-7-22                 11,963.37                         8270.68                            20,155.73


March Expenditures:


Payroll                                                            1,565.89

Rent                                                                    235.13

Phone, Internet:                                               104.95

Office Supplies                                                   52.42


Total                                                               1958.39






4 April 2022


  • Client Consultation Board meeting, March 8
  • Smokefree Coalition meeting, March 8
  • Indiana Coalition Network March 14

Financial Review:

  • Renewed general liability insurance and obtained Director’s and Officers” insurance
  • Arranged for Accountant Tim Otte to prepare 2021 state and federal tax returns and financial review.


  • Prepared a subsequent draft of the Comprehensive Community Plan for Executive Committee to approve.
  • Made edits to the CCP after the executive committee meeting and submitted CCP and CCP certification letter to ICJI using the Intelligrants portal
  • Received 22 grant preapplications, reviewed preapplications, and prepared summary for Screening Committee.
  • Sent invitations to approved preapplication agencies along with a grant application to submit a grant application for the 2022 drug free communities fund.
  • Prepared a power presentation for the grant application workshop
  • Scheduled 2 grant application workshops
  • Presented a grant application workshop on March 31 via Teams.
  • Searched for venues for Fall Faces of Change workshop.
  • Prepared a fillable form to send to providers to collect information for the Treatment Resource Guide









March Controlled Substance Filings

category name category_total
Drugs Total 231
Drugs Dealing in a Narcotic Drug 11
Drugs Dealing in a Schedule I Controlled Substance 1
Drugs Dealing in Marijuana 6
Drugs Dealing in Methamphetamine 15
Drugs Maintaining a Common Nuisance – Controlled Substances 3
Drugs Possession of a Controlled Substance 4
Drugs Possession of a Narcotic Drug 28
Drugs Possession of Cocaine 1
Drugs Possession of Hash Oil 1
Drugs Possession of Marijuana 58
Drugs Possession of Methamphetamine 71
Drugs Possession of Paraphernalia 17
Drugs Unlawful Possession of Syringe 11
Drugs Visiting a Common Nuisance – Controlled Substances 4


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