Substance Abuse Council Meeting, December 5, 1:30 pm

Substance Abuse Council Agenda

December 5, 2022, 1:30 p.m.

Evansville Central Library, Browning Room B

Treatment Committee Meeting:  1:00 pm

Prevention Committee Meeting:  2:30 pm

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  1. Call to Order


  1. Welcome and Introductions


  1. Approval of November 7, 2022 Minutes. (please check the attendance list for corrections)


  1. Treasurer’s Report


  1. Committee Reports
  2. Prevention
  3. Law Enforcement
  4. Treatment


  1. Director’s Report


  1. Old Business/Projects
  2. Review of Comprehensive Community Plan for 2023, goals and data
  3. Faces of Change, New Date


  1. New Business:
  2.  Amending the By-laws
  3. Operating Resolution 1:  Council Voting Member agreement and proxy form
  4. Operating Resolutions regarding Grant Application and Screening process


  1. Presentations:
  2. Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office
  3. Tri-State Alliance


  1. Agency Announcements: In addition to agency announcements being made here, please email flyers to Dan that can be forwarded early tomorrow.


  1. Adjournment

NEXT MEETING: Monday, January 10, 1:30 pm, at the Evansville Central Library, Browning Room B

The SAC Executive Committee: December 19, at noon, 501 John Street Conference Room




7 November 2022

Members present: Don Vaugh – Virtual Consult; Matt Schneider – DADS; Laura Wathen – Youth First; Kathryn Kornblum-Zelle – Parenting Time; Amanda Metzger – Greater Evansville Youth; Angela Yovanovitch – Oxford House; Joe Branson – DMHA; Molly Fahrlander – Patchwork Central; Jane Vickers – Patchwork Central; Dylan Barnes – EPD; Jill Hoskins, Brentwood Springs; Courtney Horning Smokefree Communities; James Akin – VCCC; Avril Miller – Boom Squad; Aimee Stachura – Girl Scouts; Dan Miller – Director

Virtual:  Crystal Sisson – Holly’s House; Jim Ward — ; Cuahutemoc Fernandez – USI/ ITVAP; Christina Wicks – ITVAP; Beth Greenwell – Circuit Probation; Wally Paynter; Jackie Hughes – Beacon Health; Ginny France – Anthem; Audrey Hatfield – Counseling for Change; Bri Bolin – Transgender Action; Kevin Groves – Southwestern Behavioral; Dee Lewis – President; Nathan Simon – TSA; Julie Robinson – TSA; Leslie Jackson – Misdemeanor Probation; JoAnne DeLisle – Groups Recover; Stacey Kuder – Deaconess Cross Point; Shay Wood – NOW Counseling; Matt Corn – Sheriff Office

Dee Lewis, President, called the meeting to order at 1:35 pm. The meeting was held in Browning Room B at Central Library and via Microsoft Teams.

The meeting started with introductions.

Minutes of the September 12, 2022, meeting had been emailed in advance of the meeting.  Courtney Horning moved to approve the minutes as written.  James Akin seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  James Akin presented the Treasurer’s report, which is attached.  Expenditures were $10,717.28.  Income was $10,574.01, of which $10,471.00 was profit from the Fall Festival Booth.  Other than Fall Festival expenses, an insurance payment of $820.00 was the only large expenditure.

Committee Reports:

Prevention Committee.  Laura Wathen, Chairman, reported that the Committee had not met.

Law Enforcement Committee.  Daren Harmon, Chairman, was not present, and the Committee had not met

Treatment Committee:  Chairman Jackie Hughes reported that the Faces of Change Conference set for November 9 had to be cancelled and postponed due to insufficient registrations.  We will get a new date this week.

Dan announced that all committees will be meeting in December to evaluate the Comprehensive Community Plan for 2023.

Director’s Report:  Dan Miller reported on the director’s activities since the last meeting.  His written report is attached to these minutes.

Previous Business:

  1. Fall Festival: All expenses are not yet in, but expenses so far are over $6,000.00.  Dan expects about $450.00 additional to be paid when the credit card is paid off later in November.  With the profits, the executive committee has decided to share half with affiliated groups that staffed the booth on each of the 6 days of the Festival.  Dan explained how they were able to replace the counter on the outside of the boot for only $22.00.  He also asked for assistance in finding people who can do some repair work on the booth; most urgently, 2 windows need to replaced or repaired so that water cannot leak in, and there is at lease one spot in the trailer where rotted floorboards need to be replaced.  Laura Wathen asked if we had ever applied for a grant from the Westside Nut Club; Dan will look into it.
  2. Faces of Change: The Committee and the Board cancelled the November 9 event because we had only 22 registrants.  The Catholic Center was very accommodating and did not charge us a cancellation fee.  I asked the Catholic Center to give us dates where we can use the hall again in February and March.  It is felt that if there is more lead time prior to the conference, more professionals will find the time to attend.  Dan asked the treatment provider and court professionals members to get him dates of social work and probation officer trainings and conference in 2023, so that we may avoid those dates.

New Business:

  1. Review of the Comprehensive Community Plan for 2023, goals and data: Prior to the meeting, Dan emailed members the current CCP and asked members to review it for the next committee meetings. Three items need to be looked at:  Do the SMART goals need to be updated?  What data needs to be changed or updated?  What gaps are in the data?


  1. Circuit Court Probation: Beth Greenwell gave the presentation.  For 2022, they received 2 grants.  The first was for Thinking for a Change, which will begin after the first of the year.  With the grant they will be able to offer 1 class of 12 sessions for up to 12 offenders who are placed in the class because of a high risk to re-offend.  One class took place in April to June, 2022.  Ten offenders were assigned and 8 completed.  Of the 8 who completed, there has been no recidivism in the 5 months after graduation.  The second grant was for expanded drug testing.  An offender testing positive for a controlled substance offers the opportunity for a quick intervention with an adjustment to or referral to treatment.  So far, they have used just under half of the grant to purchase 12-panel test kits that can also detect 3 adulterants.  They have performed 678 screens.  70% were negative; 30% were positive, most of them for methamphetamine and/or marijuana.
  2. Patchwork Central: Molly Fahrlander and Jane Vickers gave a multi-media presentation.  Patchwork operates and After-School program for at-risk children with activities and homework assistance.  They use Council funding for their program to strengthen protection factors by helping the children find their “sparks” which are defined as what energizes or motivates a child.  By doing this, they are able to develop competencies that help protect them against use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  They also use a curriculum from the Mendez Foundation called “Too Good for Drugs and Alcohol.”
  3. Girl Scouts: Aimee Stachura gave the presentation armed with the latest addition to the cookie offerings.  Their funding is to implement the Resilient Ready Strong curriculum in Evansville Schools.  The focus of the prevention program is on mental wellness.  Girls who are anxious or depressed often turn to substances for comfort; the curriculum is designed to give girls coping mechanisms instead of drugs mainly through after-school programs in the EVSC to girls who do not have the benefit of a traditional troupe.  The curriculum runs from K through 8.  It helps girls build inner strength and resilience.  By developing coping skills, they can replace or prevent thought suicide, deal with social and other challenges, and avert substance use.  In the fall semester, they are presenting to 200 girls in K-5; in the spring semester, they plan an additional 200 girls in K-5 and 200 middle school girls.  While it is too early for data on the current class, they utilize a Qualtrex data collection system.




Counseling for Change will have a Christmas party on Friday, December 9 at 2330 Washington Avenue.  Watch your email for details.


TSA is expanding their offices at 501 John Street and will add a clothing closet.  They also had a float at the Fall Festival.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, December 5, 1:30 pm, at the Evansville Central Library, Browning Room B

SAC Executive Committee: November 21, at noon, 501 John Street Conference Room

Screening Committee, December 2, 501 John Street Conference Room

Treatment Committee: Monday, December 5, 1:00 pm, Central Library

Prevention Committee: Monday, December 5, 2:30 pm, Central Library

LE/CJ Committee:  TBA

Wally Paynter moved to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by James Akin. The motion passed, and the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Dan Miller




Treasurer’s Report

September 12, 2022

Account                                           Checking                           Taste                                 CD


Beginning Balance 9-12-22          26,698.19                         4900.68                            20,155.73

Ending Balance 11-7-22               26,554.92                         4900.68                            20,155.73


September-October  Expenditures:


Payroll                                                            2,711.96

Office Supplies(Intuit/Quickbooks                 70.36

Telephone                                                         106.84

Rent                                                                     470.26

Computer (Office 365)                                     106.99

Insurance                                                          820.00

Fall Festival                                                     5,884.06

Race for Recovery                                          176.81

Prevention Grant                                            370.00

Subtotal:                                                                                                   10,717.28


October Income:

Fall Festival                                                                                              10,471.00

IRS Refund                                                                                                         42.00

Fall Festival Returns                                                                                         61.01

Total Income                                                                                            10,574.01





7 November 2022


  • Smoke Free Evansville, October 11
  • Plaza School Site Council, September 13
  • Indiana Coalition Network, October 27
  • ICJI LCC Advisory Committee – Indianapolis, September 28
  • Fall Festival Vendor meeting, October 2
  • Facility Inspection Meeting – Catholic Center, October 24
  • Smoke Free Evansville Community Conversation, October 31
  • Narcotics Anonymous Presentation for Professionals, November 4


  • Daily deposits during Fall Festival
  • Daily ordered and procured supplies for Fall Festival Booth
  • Paid Fall Festival bills
  • Filed IRS quarterly report and paid federal state employment taxes
  • Ordered new panini press for Fall Festival Booth
  • Procured new custom built outdoor counter for booth
  • Paid next year’s booth rent to Westside Nut Club


  • With help of Mike Gray, and Jodie Uebelhack, moved booth from 501 John to Fall Festival spot and back.
  • Ordered supplies and shopped for supplies prior to the Fall Festival
  • Thawed meat products in refrigeration prior to and throughout the Festival
  • Scrubbed outside of booth (and inside)
  • Rented refrigerator
  • Total Income: 10,471.00; Expenses so far: $6,304.74. Anticipated expense 448.93.



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