Membership meeting plus Screening, Treatment and Prevention Committee Meetings

Substance Abuse Council Agenda

April 4, 2022, 1:30 p.m.

Central Library, Browning Room B

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Time: Monday, April 4, 2022 12:00:00 PM Central Daylight Time
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Screening Committee:  Noon

Treatment Committee:  12:30 pm.

Substance Abuse Council:  1:30 pm.

Prevention Committee:  2:30 pm.


  1. Call to Order


  1. Welcome and Introductions


  1. Approval of March 7, 2022 Minutes. (please check the attendance list for corrections)


  1. Treasurer’s Report


  1. Committee Reports
  2. Prevention
  3. Law Enforcement
  4. Treatment
  5. Screening


  1. Director’s Report


  1. Old Business/Projects
  2. 2022 Grant Cycle
  3. 2022 CCP


  1. New Business:


  1. Presentations:
  2. Evansville Police Department
  3. Juvenile Court


  1. Agency Announcements: In addition to agency announcements being made here, please email flyers to Dan that can be forwarded early tomorrow.


  1. Adjournment

NEXT MEETING: Monday, May 2, at 1:30 pm, at the Evansville Central Library, Browning Room

The SAC Executive Committee: April 18, at noon, by Microsoft Teams.

Screening Committee:  April 18, following Executive Committee, by Microsoft Teams





7 March 2022

Members present:  Jill Hoskins – Brentwood; Kevin Groves – Southwestern; Nathan Hassler – EPD; Courtney Horning – Smoke Free Communities; Hannah Duckworth – Counseling for Change; Julie Robinson – TSA; Bri Bolin – Transgender Action; Mary Fee – Girl Scouts; William Wells – DADS; Daren Harmon – VCPO; Matt Corn – VCSO; Tasha Brown – Volunteers of America; Dee Lewis – President; Jackie Hughes – Beacon Recovery; Shay Wood – NOW Counseling; Crystal Sisson – Holly’s House; Laura Wathen – Youth First; Kathryn Kornblum Zelle – Parenting Time; Laura Walker – Southwestern; Kelly Manley – Volunteers of America; Heather Woods – Juvenile Court; Christina Wicks; JoAnn Delisle – Groups Recover; Molly Fahrlander – Patchwork; Brendon Shoptaugh – Rescue Mission; James Akin – Community Corrections; Leslie Jackson – Misdemeanor Probation; Beth Greenwell – Adult Probation; Kim Ashby – Boom Squad; Dan Miller – Director

Dee Lewis, President, called the meeting to order at 1:31 pm. The meeting was held in person at the Central Library, Browning Room B, and via Microsoft Teams.

The meeting was opened with introductions

Minutes of the February 7, 2022, meeting had been emailed in advance of the meeting.  Laura Wathen moved to approve the minutes as corrected.  James Akin seconded the motion, and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  James Akin presented the Treasurer’s report, which is attached.  There was no change to the balances of the Taste account or the CD.  The beginning balance in the checking account was $15,969.60.  Expenses were $2,047.34 for payroll, rent, phone/internet and office supplies, leaving an ending balance of 13,921.76.

Committee Reports:

Prevention Committee.  Chairman Laura Wathen had nothing new to report.  The committee will meet next month immediately following the council meeting.

Law Enforcement Committee.  Chairman Daren Harmon reported that filings for narcotics crimes have increased.  The committee will meet immediately after this meeting

Treatment Committee:  Jackie Hughes reported that the committee met prior to this meeting.  Faces of Change will take place in the Fall either October or November.  The committee is lining up local presenters and will offer CEUs.  The committee is beginning an effort to revise the Treatment Resource Guide.  Members were invited to take a copy of the old guide with them and correct their agency’s entries.  We are also calling out for treatment providers and providers of ancillary services, like dentistry, to put their information in the Treatment Guide.

Director’s Report:  Dan Miller reported on the director’s activities since the last meeting.  His written report is attached to these minutes.

Previous Business:

  1. Pre-applications for the 2022 grant cycle were due February 28. A good number of applications were received in each category.  The Screening Committee will meet on March 21 to decide if the pre-applications will be approved.  If the preapplications are approved, the grantees will be sent an application on or before March 28.  Grant applications will be due April 30.
  2. The 2022 Comprehensive Community Plan draft had been mailed out prior to the last meeting. Copies are also available at this meeting.  All members were invited to comment and make additions or corrections.  So far, Dan has received minimal response.  The plan is for the Executive Committee to approve a final version of the CCP at its March 21 meeting, so that it can be timely submitted to ICJI by the April 1 deadline.  Please get any suggested revisions to Dan before March 21.

New Business:

  1. There was no new business.


Misdemeanor Probation:  Leslie Jackson gave the report on Misdemeanor Probation’s grant which was amended after it had been approved to include a Verification and drug testing supplies.  The goal of the verification officer is to reduce the number of positive breathalyzers through more frequent face-to-face meetings with probationers at their homes.  The drug testing supplies will be used to test probationers  to deter and uncover use of illicit substances before they lead to further legal problems.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Office:  Hannah Duckworth, the clinical director, reported their grant which provided funding for low-income and high-risk patients in substance use disorder treatment.  Of 861 clients, 78 were “private pay” meaning that insurance or public assistance was not available to cover their treatment.  Of those 78 private pay patients, 42 have successfully completed treatment so far.



Laura Walker announced that Southwestern was hosting a workshop on stigma; fliers will follow.

The next meeting is scheduled Monday, April 4, 2022, at 1:30, at Central Library, Browning Room B.

Treatment Committee will meet on April 4, 2022 at 12:30 at Central Library in Browning Room B; Prevention Committee will meet after the conclusion of the April 4 meeting in Browning Room B.

Criminal Justice Committee will meet after the meeting today.

The next Executive Committee Meeting is Monday, March 21, at noon, via Microsoft Teams.

Screening Committee will meet Monday, March 21, after the Executive Committee meeting via Microsoft Teams.

Kim Ashby moved to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by James Akin.  The motion passed, and President Dee Lewis adjourned the meeting.

Submitted by Dan Miller



Treasurer’s Report

March 7, 2022

Account                                           Checking                           Taste                                 CD


Beginning Balance 2-8-21            15,969.10                         8270.68                            20,155.73

Ending Balance 3-7-22                 13,921.76                         8270.68                            20,155.73


January Expenditures:


Payroll                                                            1,638.28

Rent                                                                    235.13

Phone, Internet:                                               104.95

Office Supplies                                                   47.81

Computer Expense                                            21.17


Total                                                               2,047.34





7 March 2022


  • Indiana Coalitions Network, February 24
  • Smokefree Coalition meeting, February 8
  • ICJI LCC Advisory Committee, February 23

Financial Review:

  • Conferred with agent for liability insurance
  • Filled out application for Directors and Officers Insurance and received quote.
  • Filed Business Entity Report
  • Prepared 4 boxes of ancient files to be discarded.


  • Gave on-boarding orientation workshop for new executive committee members
  • Sent Request for Proposals to SAC membership and sent reminders
  • Prepared and sent press release on grant preapplications and put the pre-application on the website
  • Collected, reviewed and organized preapplications as they came in.
  • Set a date with Rise Up and Run for Race for Recovery, August 27, 2022.




Felony Statistics Summary Report
01/01/2022 – 01/31/2022
Total: 248
Dealing in a Narcotic Drug: 7
Dealing in a Schedule I Controlled Substance: 4
Dealing in a Schedule IV Controlled Substance: 2
Dealing in Methamphetamine: 23
Maintaining a Common Nuisance – Controlled Substances: 2
Possession of a Controlled Substance: 15
Possession of a Narcotic Drug: 24
Possession of Marijuana: 51
Possession of Methamphetamine: 90
Possession of Paraphernalia: 20
Unlawful Possession of Syringe: 10





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